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uRADMonitor, a successful global business

As a young man, Radu Motișan transformed his inventions into a successful global business. URADMonitor sensors, which measure air quality, spread the map of the world and support entire communities in the fight for cleaner air.

Over 2000 uRADMonitor sensors are installed worldwide, over 500 in Romania, of which about 200 are in Bucharest. The first customers were from the USA, Western Europe and Australia. In Romania, a large number of “uRADMonitor SMOGGIE” sensors have been provided, devices that measure air quality. “Smoggie” can come with a particle sensor that gives us valuable information about outdoor pollution, whether we mount the device in the yard or on the balcony. SMOGGIE-CO2 shows us how stuffy the air inside becomes, either in the bedroom, where our sleep quality affects us, or in a classroom, and then we should not be surprised that students lose their concentration. These devices were also offered to schools in the form of KITs, and students were very pleased to assemble them, program them and then see the practical results, in the form of data that flows immediately after the sensor is powered.

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