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Certified by European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis

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Banat Software Cluster works in close coordination with Romanian Association for Electronics and Software Industry-Timisoara Branch (ARIES-TM), which is the cluster management entity.

IT companies have been supported since 2004 by ARIES-TM, which has taken sustained steps to strengthen cooperation between IT and software companies by organizing general and specific training courses, organizing economic missions, international fairs, organizing pitching meetings in front of venture capital investors, making a "map" of the IT industry in the western region, the director Banat Software.

The most significant projects implemented aimed at increasing the visibility of the member companies, internationalization, accessing European funds for research-innovation-development, as well as the development of innovative software products, of the innovation ecosystems.

Thanks to these activities, Banat Software Cluster was awarded with the Bronze Certificate by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.

This certification facilitates access to collaboration opportunities with clusters from Europe, to partnerships and joint development projects and access to European funds.


At the international level, we are connected with similar organizations in the border area Romania-Serbia and Romania-Hungary, including IT clustering organizations from Novi-Sad (Serbia) and Szeged (Hungary), partnerships and good relations being extremely easy to transfer at the IT Banat Software Cluster level.

Join us if you want quality service, information and business opportunities at home and abroad, lobbying national and local authorities and many others!


Strategic Objectives


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