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The best scientists in Romania in electronics and electrical engineering are at UPT

The 9th edition of the Research.com ranking of the best scientists in the field of Electronics and Electrical Engineering places the Politehnica University of Timișoara first in the country and 291st in the world. The Timisoara institution of higher education, with a tradition of over 100 years, is present in the top with 3 professors: Radu-Emil Precup, Ion Boldea and Ștefan Preitl, who also occupy the first three positions in the national ranking.

Because the primary purpose of Research.com’s rankings is to ensure that only genuine researchers are included, each profile is hand-checked and cross-referenced with publications from a wide range of credible sources. The idea of making this top is to inspire scientists, entrepreneurs and decision makers around the world to explore what the top experts are up to and to provide an opportunity for the entire scientific community to discover who the top experts are in specific research areas, in different countries.

Professor Radu-Emil Precup, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, currently the director of the Council for University Doctoral Studies within the Politehnica University of Timișoara, is one of the specialists recognized worldwide. In 2015, Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu-Emil Precup was named the best in the world in the field of automation. Moreover, the results obtained by him and his team also took the Politehnica University of Timișoara to first place in the Scopus ranking. In 2018, he was elected a corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, Section of Science and Information Technology.

One of the most prolific professors of the Timișoara Polytechnic University, the academician Ion Boldea, has carried out an intense scientific activity since his youth, publishing articles and specialized studies in various magazines in the country and abroad. He invented and produced in the country the first magnetic cushion vehicle in the world with high-performance synchronous linear motors. He also invented a linear oscilloscope, patented in the USA and 32 other countries, which is on the world market. He is a laureate of the “Aurel Vlaicu” Award of the Romanian Academy.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Ștefan Preitl, the director of the Scientific Research Center in Automatics and Computers within the Politehnica Timisoara University in the period 2001-2011, is one of the professors from UPT who contributed to the recognition, in 2020, of the Timișoara Polytechnic as the best university in Romania in the field of informatics, automation and computers.