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Tassis, the online timekeeping app developed by Elysian Software

The IT app developer, Elysian Software, launches Tassis, an online timekeeping and time management app in Romania. Tassis efficiently manages time, team and projects, providing reports and statistics to team and project managers, as well as supporting HR-accounting specialists in preparing legally required HR documents.

Among the functionalities of Tassis are: simple and accessible online timekeeping from any device, program templates, management of overtime and free days, online activity sheets, etc.; project management: managing the client portfolio, monitoring projects and organizing activities, managing team responsibilities and progress of activities, setting deadlines and priority levels, etc.; team administration: administration of the team and the necessary legal documentation, establishment of roles and organizational chart, geofensing, internal announcements, etc.; reports and statistics – collective attendance sheet, reports and statistics for clients with hours worked, by projects and activities, reports and statistics of the work of each employee and team, etc.

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