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Participatory Governance – The selected projects will be put to the vote of the citizens

Over 50 projects will enter the voting stage for the participatory budget of Timisoara City Hall, totaling 15.3 million lei, the proposals covering all areas, from large infrastructure projects, to alley repairs, bike lanes, parking arrangements, green spaces, playgrounds or sports fields.

Timișoara City Hall launched a public call on March 1, 2022, during the stage of collecting and selecting project proposals from citizens. No less than 113 projects were submitted and analyzed technically, legally and financially, in order to comply with the participatory budget regulation.

Voting will take place online between June 15 and July 15 by creating an account on the platform dedicated to participatory budgeting. You can vote if you are over 16, work or study in Timisoara. You can vote up to five projects.

The projects chosen by the people of Timișoara will be included in the local budget and implemented by the Timișoara City Hall.

The list of projects can be found here.