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Innovations in satellite telecommunications technology in Timisoara

Our company member, Lasting Software, develops in Timisoara solutions that integrate terrestrial and satellite communication technologies, within the partnership with ESA (European Space Agency).

LASTING Software and ESA have a common vision, which supports the design and validation of innovative technologies through 6 successive projects – signed and ongoing – over the next 4 years.

In June 2021, the company has successfully delivered one project and has taken on the role of main contractor in another, which aims to develop and expand the scope of the recently completed initiative. The project which LASTING Software has recently delivered focuses on developing a series of technology enhancements and optimizations to the cellular backhauling over satellite solution previously built by the company.

The new initiative, which kicked off at the same time and in which the company has stepped up as main contractor, further expands the original solution. More precisely, LASTING Software is looking to validate the feasibility of using a satellite connection as backhauling for a 5G mobile network and to demonstrate that end-to-end traffic can be processed with a higher link capacity and thus with higher network speed.

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