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IT clusters in Romania, CLUSTERO members join forces and create an alliance by setting up a network, covering the entire country, which aims to have a high-level representation of this field, but also to create a collaborative framework, innovative and informative, through which adherent IT clusters can develop and enhance their activity. The IT clusters that have signed this partnership have a total number of 566 member companies (startups, SMEs and large enterprises), which amount to almost 20,000 employees. The coordination of the network is currently ensured by a committee composed of one representative of each cluster, the first president of the network being Ionuț Țața from the Cluster for Innovation and Technology. The General Secretariat will be provided by Transilvania IT Cluster.

In Romania, the IT field is one of the most dynamic sectors, with an increasing share in the national economy, exceeding together with the communications technology sector 6% of GDP. Studies show that in the period 2011-2016 there were 50% more companies with IT profile and by 2023, specialists expect a new doubling of this number. We can therefore estimate that the number of IT employees represents 3% of the total Romanian employees. The IT market in Romania is 5 billion euros, being an extremely important segment in the country’s economy. Thus, the above reasons, but also others, led to the need of creating a representative entity, a strong voice in this field, with the representation of all geographical regions of the country.

At the same time, the mission of the IT-RO network is to:

– Establish a formal framework for dialogue between the Government and the network;

– Supports the promotion of the internationalization of the IT industry and the support of the Romanian IT companies;

– Create an appropriate framework for increasing the accessibility of public policies for SMEs, start-ups, but also for clusters.

The major priority objectives of the IT-RO network focus on:

– Cooperation

– Research and innovation

– HR

– Market

– Creation of an electronic communication network.

The network of IT clusters in Romania IT-RO has so far 9 members: Transilvania IT Cluster, Cluster for Innovation and Technology – ALT – Brașov, Banat Software, Innovative Open Hub Cluster, INOMAR, ELINCLUS, ICT Oltenia, ICT Cluster Lower Danube and Smart Alliance Cluster.