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Banat Software Cluster by ARIES-TM, support in the elaboration of the Smart City Strategy Resita Horizon 2027

Resita City Hall is concerned with finding smart city solutions to improve its administration and to bring the city to European standards, through the project funded under the POCA 2014-2020 program, call POCA /471/2/1 /. Because Resita City Hall is a member of the Banat Software Cluster by ARIES-TM, we would like to get involved and support this initiative.

Together with our member companies, we will propose various smart solutions and initiatives in areas such as E-government, Smart Public Services, Smart Energy, Smart Connections, Traffic Management, Smart Mobility, Smart Parking, Smart Wifi, Waste Management, Climate Control, Smart Education, Smart Management, Smart Agriculture.

For more details, the contact person is Mariana Rus, 0734 006 998.